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Hey guuuys!!! :iconexcitedhiplz:

Guess what? :-? Yeah, you don't have to guess anything because you already read the title, didn't you? :XD:

That's right! I've got SAI back agaaain!!! :dance: :dance: :dance:

Yup, that means I'll get back to work! :la: More MLP art and comics are coming soon! Oh! And for my next deviation I'll draw a Gravity Falls / MLP FiM crossover! :happybounce:
So, if you are a Gravity Falls fan, you will sure like to see my future art and comics from it, too! :nod:

You have no idea how thrilled I am! :squee: :squee: :squee:

Well, that's all I wanted to tell you! Expect more art from mine soon! :eager:

MLPegasis4898 out!